TikTok Meets
America's Got Talent

The app screen shows a roller skater dancing and riding around in the park.
The app screen, where you can see the person while playing, send a virtual kiss.

Video-based Contests

Get Paid. Go Viral.

Content creators aren't rewarded and social media users mindlessly scroll. We use contests to get creators paid & recognized and viewers a reason to scroll.

As Creator

Get rewarded for
great content.

Create the highest quality viral videos to be recognized and paid.

The app screen is where you can see the leaderboard and vote results.
Camera line icon.

1. Create

Create viral videos to compete against others.

Star line icon.

2. Go Viral

Top 8 videos get highlighted in our 24 hour leaderboard.

Banknote line icon.

3. Get Paid

Your winning video gets you paid so you can buy those new shoes.

The app screen shows the user decides which video has the most votes.
As Viewer

Get rewarded for
your engagement.

Engage like never before by using your voice and that killer instinct of yours.

Mobile phone line icon

1. Engage

Watch the highest quality videos to laugh and send to your friends.

Star line icon.

2. Compete

Test your judgement to be highlighted on a leaderboard.

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3. Get Paid

Your perfect bracket makes you money.

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